Project teams - Reporting requirements

Welcome to the administration page.

This page is for project leaders and your project teams and includes an overview of reporting requirements and links to report templates. The reporting requirements for the Open pathway and the Whatua tū aka pathway are the same. Milestone reports and posters can be submitted in either English or Māori, using the appropriate template. The TLRI logo is also provided for use in presentations and other outputs.

Milestone Reporting:

During the lifetime of your project you are required to submit Periodic Milestone reports:

  • a first milestone report by 31st March
  • subsequent milestone reports as outlined in your contract (quarterly or 6 monthly)

Please submit these by email to (use links below to access the TLRI Milestone report templates as MS Word documents).

An  Intentions Poster should be submitted with your first milestone report (31 March of the first year of funding). A link to the template is below. 

End of Project Outputs:

These are due on the date outlined in your contract (usually 31st March) following the final year of your project.

Final outputs will include:

  1. End of Project Report (up to 8000 words)

  2. Outcomes poster
  3. Final Milestone report (see link to template below) this includes:

  • List of other outputs, including any practitioner or research community outputs, publications, presentations, social media forums, or blogs

Output requirements have varied slightly over the years, so you will need to check your contract for final output requirements. Please also refer to the guidelines in the Project Output Portfolio  (attached below).

Find the TLRI logo in the attachments below (for use when doing presentations)