Literacy research that matters. A review of the school sector and ECE literacy projects

Funding year: 
0 years
Cross sector
Project start date: 
October 2014
Project end date: 
July 2015
Principal investigator(s): 
Sue McDowall
Research team members: 

This is the second report in the TLRI Project Plus series. TLRI has funded more literacy-related projects than in any other field. Author, NZCER senior researcher Sue McDowall, has looked across the 18 literacy-related projects published between 2003 and 2014. Her research explores the common issues and problems, the approaches taken and the new knowledge that has been created. It is intended as an opportunity to celebrate what the community of researchers and teachers in the field of literacy have achieved, identify any gaps and consider possible next steps. It will be of interest to the wider education community and in particular anyone doing or considering literacy-related research.