Zooming out and zooming in on student data: Developing teacher data literacy to enhance teaching and learning

Funding year: 
2 years
University of Waikato
School sector
Project start date: 
January 2019
Project end date: 
March 2021
Principal investigator(s): 
Dr. Frances Edwards and Prof Bronwen Cowie
Research team members: 
Nicola Gibson (Pukekohe Kāhui Ako)
Research partners: 
Pukekohe Kāhui Ako

While teachers and schools have access to an increasing range of data, the challenge is using these data to support student learning outcomes. This project aims to understand how to develop teacher data literacy as a process that involves generating and using data to inform teacher action with classes and individual students, and consideration of the implications of student data collated across a Kāhui Ako. Using a design-based implementation research approach, we will explore the nature of effective development and support for teachers as data coaches of their colleagues as a means of developing a culture of proactive data use.