Researching Understanding of Learning and Teaching (RULT): a case study in using practice-based research to develop a school-wide learning community

Funding year: 
2 years
University of Canterbury
School sector
Project start date: 
January 2007
Project end date: 
January 2009
Principal investigator(s): 
Elaine Mayo
Research team members: 
Lindsey Conner
Research partners: 
University of Canterbury College of Education, with Avonside Girls’ High School

Project Description

This research project investigates how teachers who are using a peer-coaching model to help each other gain a deeper understanding of teaching and learning can distil and share their emerging experiential knowledge, and how this influences future praxis (thinking and acting) in teaching. The school aims to build a reflective learning community where teachers collaborate deliberately to support improved outcomes for students.

The project involved four cycles of activity in which the “learning stories” from the peer-coaching model will be documented and used to promote fresh questions about individual and collective learning.

Project Outputs


Presentations, conferences and workshops

Conner, L. & Mayo, E. (2008). Challenging assumptions about research: Using self-study research to develop learning communities. In M. Heston, D. Tidwell, K. East, & L. Fitzgerald (Eds.),Pathways to change in teacher education: Dialogue, diversity and self-study (pp. 135-138). Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Self Study of Teacher Education Practices, Herstmonceux Castle, Essex, UK, 3-7 August, 2008.


Presentations, conferences and workshops

Conner, L., Mayo, E., Garrett, C., Bull, L. Gage, K. Lynch, M. J. (2007). Researching Understandings about Learning and Teaching (RULT): how storying is contributing to an emergent research community. Proceedings of the NZARE conference, Christchurch, December, 4-7, 2007.