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Author Titlesort descending Year
Dr Chris Eames Investigating the relationship between whole-school approaches to education for sustainability and student learning. 2009
Kathie Crocket Key competencies: How school guidance counsellors contribute to student learning 2014
Dr Margaret Carr Key Learning Competencies Across Place and Time 2008
Nick Zepke Learning environments and student engagement with their learning in tertiary settings 2010
Sally Peters and Vanessa Paki Learning journeys from early childhood into school 2014
Professor Glenda Anthony Learning the work of ambitious mathematics teaching 2015
Dr Roberta Hunter Learning to "friendly argue" in a community of mathematical inquiry 2011
Dr Mary Hill, Dr. Lisa Smith, Dr. Bronwen Cowie, Dr. Alison Gilmore Learning to become 'assessment capable' teachers 2013
Margaret Carr Learning Wisdom 2010
Dr Caroline Yoon LEMMA: Learning Environments with Mathematical Modelling Activities 2011
Dr Amanda Bateman Literacy and narrative in the early years: Zooming in and zooming out 2017
Dr Vince Ham Literacy learning in e-learning contexts: Mining the New Zealand action research evidence 2012
Sue McDowall Literacy research that matters. A review of the school sector and ECE literacy projects 2015
Dr Mavis Haigh Making authentic and trustworthy practice-based judgements of graduating student teachers 2013
Dr Caroline Yoon and John Moala Making mathematical thinking visible 2018
Ruth G. Kane Making sense of learning at secondary school: An exploration by teachers with students 2006
Glenda Anthony Mathematics classrooms: Explorations into the teaching/learning nexus 2009
Associate Professor Bill Barton Mathematics Enhancement Project: professional development research 2006
Professor Mike Thomas Mathematics undergraduate teaching: Perspectives and interactions 2012
Tamsin Meaney Mathematics: She’ll be write! 2008
Dr Judy Parr Measuring classroom literacy practice 2008
Keryn Davis Moments of wonder, everyday events: Children’s working theories in action 2011
Dr David Lines, Dr. Chris Naughton and John Roder Move, Act, Play and Sing (MAPS): Exploring early childhood arts teaching and learning strategies and concepts through community arts interventions in Reggio Emilia centres 2014
Dr Sydney J. Shep Moving beyond the Threshold: Investigating Digital Literacies and Historical Thinking in New Zealand Universities 2016
Paora Stucki Narratives of beginning Maori teachers: Identifying forces that shape the first year of teaching 2005